Ut File Extension

ut extension icon!ut extension stands for µTorrent unfinished download file. You may work these files with µTorrent software.

You may share divx movie and image files by making use of P2P networks with µTorrent software. During the file downloading process the extension is changed by the software. When download process is finished, the file takes original extension. 

If you have one of these unfinished files on your computer, probably it won`t work like this. However, when you finish downloading, the file still may not work. The reason for this issue is software doesn`t give the original extension and makes a mistake. In this case, you should erase the !ut word in the end of the extension and try to open it with its original way.

Hulk_divx.r01.!ut is in the form of Hulk_divx.r01 and it is a Winrar file.

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Ut File Extension

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