Opening Tdb File

opening tdb iconTdb extension is related to Wow (World Of Warcraft) game database. You may open tdb files with Tdb Editor software.

Wow (World Of Warcraft) is a popular online mmorpg game. There are 12 million wow players around the world. Tdb is one of the files which used for setting up servers in this game. You have chance to download tdb files free via internet and use the other components and create your own server. 

First, remove all the files to the same index, then run  control.bat file. It will ask you password and user name.  You have chance to change these from this folder: tools\config.bat

Then open installation menu and update. At this stage XAMPP will be installed. With this program WOW 3.1.3 can work.

Opening methods of Tdb file

Tdb Editor

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Opening Tdb File

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