Lol File Stands For

image for lol standsLol extension is related to LOL Group mark. You can open lol files with Note Pad or Word Pad applications. another LOL meaning is slang or online mmorpg game.

1-There is no lol extension type. Most probably the file that you find is a group symbol which offered with other files. You have chance to read lol files by changing file extension with txt. If you inform us about the details and file source we can help you more.

2-L.O.L is meaning in internet slang "Laughing Out Loud" that you may see it on online chat or mobile messages throught android or iphone telephones.

3- LoL is online multiplayer game: league of legends , thousand of people playing at same time from internet.

What needed for openin Lol file

Note Pad, wordpad

Links stands for Lol file


Comments stands for Lol file.

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