Opening Iff File

opening iff iconIff is a extension of audio game or image file formats. It may be opened by Deluxe Paint or QuickTime Player.

1- Image File: It is a file that is used with Maya3D image files.

2- Game File: Its a general information file that is developed by Electronic Art. Mostly it includes audios and musics but in some parts it might include some writing and image informations. For example, those files are used in Sims game. You can change the files of the Sims with IFF pencil software. You can download free over the internet.

3- Old audio file format: It is a audio or image file that is developed for Amiga computers.

Those file formats can be opened by xnView software. 

Opening methods of Iff file

Deluxe Paint, QuickTime Player

Links to opening Iff file


Opening Iff File

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