What is Gam File format

gam format iconGam extension is related to Game File formats. You may try to open these extensions by using Hex workshop.

Many computers use gam extension for creating games. You can not open gam files directly, it can be opened by putting the relevant folder and running by the game. 

If you need to change the game or cheat in the game you may change some information without ruining the structure of the file with Hex workshop or any other similar software. 

--- Gam Edit ---
You can not see the information directly because the file contents is system 16. The easiest solution of this point entering the appropriate number and making a search via Hex software. 

For example if you have $ 15000 in the game,

First, install Hex workshop software. Then open small software called hex calculator from start menu. Write 15000 and click on the Hex from the upper left. You will see 3A98 word. It is the value of your money in system 16. 

Open Hex workshop and GAM file. Then enter the 3A98 word in the Edit-Find section. By this way, you will easily reach the line which your money stands. Finally, it is enough to change the numbers and enter higher number. For example, if you change the first number, and write F instead of 8.  You will get the highest 16 value. Lastly you should save .gam file with hex workshop and open the game. Congratulations! You are rich now!

Note: Some games can save the money in two different places of files because of avoid cheating. 

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What is Gam file format.

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