Fil File Stands For

image for fil standsFil stands for data files. These file extensions can be opened by several softwares you should know which software is related to the extension.

It is an extension that used with several software. It is abbreviation of file word. There you`ll see a list below, if you don`t have any idea which software is related to this extension you may have hard times to find out. 

1- ABAQUS firm produce various analysis softwares, these files take Fil extension.

2- ACL desktop : It is data capture and analysis software and uses fil extension.

3- It might be protect file that come up from AVG Antivirus virus scanning. The files include quarantined viruses. 

4- Database system called Cardbox also use this file name.

5- It may be file list that developed from Dbase. 

6- It can be a special icon file that developed for Media Player 10 or above. Some softwares icons can be seen in different and bigger sizes with Windows Vista software. This file keeps this view.

7- SeeYou drawing file:
Seeyou is a flight designing and analysis software that specially developed for gliding plane pilots. It may save flight information with fil extension.

8- WordPerfect file:

It may be view chart that used in with text editing software which is developed by Corel.

What needed for openin Fil file

If you have one of those softwares you should check that topic first.

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