Opening Cad File

opening cad iconCad extension stands for technical drawing file. These can be opened by Autosketch Cadstd or extracad software.


It is cheap but extensive technical drawing software that specially developed for cad designer. In this cad extension software there may be a drawn project. Qucikcad gave place to Autosketch. Cad files can be opened by Autosketch. 

If you need to see file content you may use DrawViewer software.

2- CadStd Drawing:
CadStd: It is general purpose cad drawing file. Catstd may be used for mechanical architectural or any other kind of drawings. 

3- EXTRACAD Drawing: It is general purpose technical drawing file. The projects that developed by Extracad software take cad extension.

Opening methods of Cad file

Autosketch, CadStd or ExtraCad

Links to opening Cad file


Opening Cad File

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