What is Asp

whats asp imageAsp extension is associated with Active Server Pages. You can open asp files with Internet Explorer or Dreamweaver.

* It is an internet page. Sometimes explorer may make a mistake and save the page as asp. If you know the file type that you are downloading during that time write this name. Otherwise, you may change the file extension with htm and open with internet explorer by making double click. 

* If you get this while downloading zipped file via internet, probably error file is saved instead of the real file. Specially, if the file size is lower than 500 kb, it should be a error message. You may open these by changing extension with htm. 

* In normal usage, asp is a file type which used by web page designers. You may open with Microsoft Frontpage and code. 

Viewer or Converter for Asp

For displaying internet explorer, for editing Dreameaver

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What is Asp

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