WindowsLiveContact stands for Msn messenger. You have chance to open these files with Messenger Live.

These are the files which saved by Msn Live messenger software. It is found in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Contacts folder. 

These files include emails and signatures of contact list. The information of which files does belong to whom is written in contactcoll.cache file. 

However, WindowsLiveContact files are encrypted because of the security reasons. You are not able to open these files directly. If you got the password, trojan viruses would open these files and take the important informations. Or someone would delete the address of your friends.  

The required information to solve the password can be transferred by Msn Live from Microsofts web page. If there was a software to open these files, you would get this password from Microsoft.  

If you want to keep your friends list, you may keep it with give list command in .ctt files. 

What to use WindowsLiveContact

Microsoft not continues to publish Messenger Live, use skype instead

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