Track is related to CD music files. You can try to open track files with Nero or Jet Audio softwares.

CD music files are found in track form. These files are not suitable to work on computers directly. You should convert track form to mp3 or different forms to open these files via computers. 

Nero 7 and the next versions have mp3 convert tools. To convert mp3 files to track, it is enough to create audio CD with Nero. You should drag the mp3 to left window. Just it. 

Some Track >> Mp3 converters:
Free CD to MP3 Converter
Easy CD-DA Extractor
Media player
jet audio

Mp3 >> Track

Many current music softwares can open MP3 files and save as Wav. Besides, Mp3 files can be written as tracks on Cds with the assistance of Cd burning softwares.

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Nero, Jet Audio

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