Tobj extension stands for Truck game file. These files can be used with 18 wheels software.

TOBJ: It may be car or color file that used with following truck rig games:
18ws: Convoy
18ws: Pedal to the Metal
18ws: Across America
HT: 18 Wheels of Steel
King of the Road

For adding image file: file is image of cars outer cover. You may open these files can be opened by Photoshop plugins and some softwares.  

1) program files/18wheel/truck/fcl/ open the folder

2) create a new folder called paint3

3) then move the place of "!desc.def" file from paint2 folder to the new folder. Open this file with Notepad and change the "paint1.mat" line with "paint3.mat". 

4) open program files/18wheel/truck/fcl/share folder and change the cover files name as 3: pain3.mat, paint3.tobj, )

finally open *.mat ve *.tobj files and change the names as pain3. Open the game and there you will se your image on truckshop>select part. 

What to use tobj

18 wheels: Pedal to the Metal

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