Tab is related to separated information with the Tab key. You can open tab files with Microsoft Excel.

Tab: It is 8 characters spacebar. It is used for seperating listed informations. You have chance to open tab files with Excel or Notepad application.
To open Tab files with excel:

1- Open data section from upper menu.

2- Pick Get extetnal data- get data option. 

3- Select text file (csv) as a file type. 

4-Find tab file from your computer and pick open section. 

5-Select restricted and tab options. 

6- Click on end. 

* For opening tab files with Delphi :

These are specially created for variable type tab files called TStringList. 

Here is an example for you :

var sl : TStringList; //description

sl := TStringList.Create; // formation

sl.Delimiter := #9; //TAB character

sl.LoadFromFile(fileName); // download from file

sl.DelimitedText := ´game fun´;

//direct text upload 

sl[0]; // game

sl[1]; // fun

* Guitar Tab files are also saved with the same extension. 

You can open guitar tabs with Notepad or Wordpad.

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