Str extension is related to dBASE, PlayStation Video or Windows screen saver. You can open str files with Playstation PSM play video player.

There are 3 areas that use str extension:

1-dBASE Structure List Object:

These are the files that indicate database structure which created by dBase database system. The file content consist texts which keep objects list that found in database.
It includes information about numbers and tables.

2-Windows Screen Saver:
It also may be a screen saver. It includes images and animations. Generally the screen savers of Windows Operating system use scr file extension. 
To use str file you should copy it to C:\windows folder. Then you can make right click on desktop and make necessary adjustments on screen saver from the features section. 

3-PlayStation Video:
It may be a video file which played with Playstation game machine. You can open str files on computer with the following software:

What to use str

Playstation PSMplay video player

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