What is Stl

whats stl imageStl stands for Cad modelling ve prototype file. It can be opened by CAD, TurboCAD or 3dsmax softwares.

It is a file that used during the producing and creating prototype process with CAD softwares. It may be viewed by rapidform software. The image in this file format may be processed on plastic or metal models, if it has proper machine system .

Before getting a printout with STL extension by 3Dsmax software you should first make STL control. For being able to remove prototype there shouldn`t be any apparent surface on the model. For this purpose first you should pick a model then use the Modify Panel > STL Check modifiers. Lastly, you can eject the file with File > Export command. 

Viewer or Converter for Stl

CAD softwares, TurboCAD, 3dsmax

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What is Stl

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