Sqm stands for either Service log or Operation Flashpoint task format. These can be opened by Messenger

There are two different file format that use this extension:

1- Service Tracking file:

These kind of files are created in c: driver by some softwares which are Microsoft product. The file includes informations about performance tracking and some errors. 

File names may be like these : sqmdata.sqm , sqmnoopt.sqm

There is no harm to delete these files. However, as long as you don`t change your Messenger version they will appear again. ( This file is seen in some Office versions)

Msn solution: You may prevent file formation if you make these settings : select Tools / options / general steps then cancel the quality improvement and customer experience option. 

2- Operation Flashpoint game file:It is a file that provides chance to play with additional tasks in FPS kind of games. You may copy these files proper folder in the game and play. 

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