Shx extension may stand for Motorola cell phone file or Shapefile Index file. You may open these with ArcView or Motorola pst.

There 2 different areas that use shx extension: 

1-Shapefile Index file:It includes index information for ESRI shape files. Drawing files are saved with .shp extension. With shx files, you can reach the main file records easier.
This file is used by ESRI,ArcGIS or Arcview softwares. 

2-Motorola cell phone Flash Super file:
Generally it is a file that used to reset memory cards of motorola cell phones. After you connect the cell phone to computer you may clear the whole memory. For making this process you may use one of the following softwares: 

-Motorola PST Phone Programmer
-Motorola RSD Lite

What to use shx

ArcView, Motorola PST veya RSD

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