doc iconScx extension is related to either Foxpro Form or game scenarios. You may open scx files with Visual Foxpro software.

There are two different areas that use scx extension:

1- FoxPro Form:
Foxpro is advanced database management system. Scx file is a database form file that developed by foxpro software.

2- Game scenario:
Many current games use scx extension as a game patch. When you install this file the new task will be opened. 
This file is used in some games such as:

Maxis Sim City 2000, LucasArts Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Microsoft Rise of Nations, Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology and Blizzard StarCraft Brood War.

You may copy scx file into C:/program files/game.../Scenario/ folder which stands in the games folder. Then the game will recognize it automatically. 
In each game, folder names may be different. You should find the correct folder by yourself. 

Clue: You may understand the correct folder when you see many scx files in it.

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