Sav extension is related to SPSS or Game save file. You can open sav files with Hex Editor or Spss softwares.

1- Game Save File:

When you save the game,the current datas are saved in Sav extension file. If your purpose is to change your command or gain money, you should open sav file with Hex editor software and change the line which shows your current money or level in the game. In some games, you have chance to skip the level by changing experience score.

Sav files are not found in online games such as Knight Online. You should check tbl extension hex workshop.

2- SPSS File:

SPSS is a software which used in various statistics and analysis operations. It saves latest informations in sav file. You can install spss software with Cd. 

What to use sav

Hex Editor, Spss

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