doc iconRms extension stands for Java or Real Media encrypted movie files. These can be viewed by Real Player software.

There are two different kind of file format that use this extension.

1- Mobile Phone Java Database: 

The applications that are used with cell phones use RMS extension as database. Rms files comprises records and lists that are created by Java in it. As structural, it has some similarities with DB computer files. There are some information on producers on web page but there is no tool that converts files to normal database.  
You may need to Java application to different cell phone, in this case you should just transport this file. Then you will see the informations that you saved before will come with the file. 

2- Video File: Real Player: it is video player that is developed for using on internet. Rms files can be encrypted. If you need to run these files you should download the player on its web page.

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