Pxc extension is related to Proshow temporary files. You can try to open pxc files with Proshow software.

PCX file is a presentation file which developed by Proshow. The quality of Proshow presentation is really high, in this case, we can say Microsoft Power point presentation is simpler than pcx files. You have chance to convert pcx extension with Video Wma or Flash file.

Pcx file which is created by Proshow software is not the actual file which supposed to open.When you render the project you will see following files:

It is the main file, you can not delete this one. If you delete, you will not be able to open projects anymore. 


It is the backup file which created automatically during the project process. There is no harm to delete this file, but it is better to have a backup file on your computer. 

These are the archive files which keep image and movie files temporarily. You can delete these files, if you have original file on your computer, you won`t need these files. 

These are files which occur during the video rendering process. If you want, there is no harm to delete these files. 

If you want to copy your presentation on a DVD, you can use this file. If you don`t need a dvd you are free to delete it. 

6-presentation.EXE or presentation.AVI
This is the main file which used for showing presentations on different computers. If you already wrote your presentation on a Dvd you won`t need this one. However, if you didn`t, you cant show your works to other without this file format. 

To watch Video files on all kind of computers: The only thing to do is click on "create output" icon from top right-hand corner of software. Then you should select "video file" option and save it.

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