Msinfo extension stands for Gator advertisement software (Spyware). You should delete it immediately.

msinfo.exe is harmful tracking software. It was developed by an advertisement software called Gator.  

When you install any software that related to this firm, "msinfo.exe" file will be installed on your computer. Then it starts to collect informations about you. Finally it reports web pages that you visited and your interests to the firm. So, it shows popup advertisements about these subjects.
It is better to delete this software from your computer. Because it slows down your internet connection speed and it may disturb you with annoying windows.

If you delete but it is still on your computer, you should remove the software which related to this extension from control desk. If you cant find on control desk you can clear it with Spyware remover software.

What to use MSinfo

You should delete it or use Spyware remover

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