Mpq extension stands for Blizzard MoPaQ Game files. You can open mpq files with StarEdit or Mpq Extractor softwares.

These are the graphic, chapter information audio and video file formats which developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Mpq files are generally used in games. These can be compressed or tokenized files. 

There are some games that use mpq files such as:
- Diablo
- Diabo II , Lord of Destruction
- Starcraft + Brood War
- Warcraft II
- Warcraft III + Frozen Throne
- World of Warcraft + Burning Crusade

You can open and transfer the mpq file contents to another files by using some softwares. There are no connection between these softwares and Blizzard company. 

What to use mpq

StarEdit, MPQ Extractor, mpq-tools

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