Mod stands for Model or module files. These extensions may be openedby ArchiCAD, CATIA or Fortran softwares.

This extension is seen in several different areas: 

1- ArchiCAD Module file:You may bring in new features to architectural drawing software called Archicad by adding this file.

2- JVC camera video file:The files that are taken by JVC digital cameras saved with MOD extension. These can be converted to different movie types with the assistance of cameras Cd.

3- CATIA Modelling file :It might be modelling file that developed by 3d technical drawing file called Catia.

4- Amiga Music Module file: It is a music file that used with Amiga computers. For listening these extensions you may try xmplay different softwares.

5- Fortran Module:It is a module file that developed by programming language called Fortran. You may find different compiler online.

What to use mod

ArchiCAD, CATIA or Fortran or simlar technical drawing softwares

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