doc iconMdx extension is related to Warcraft 3 Model file. You have chance to open mdx files with Mdx converter software.

1- Daemon tools Cd backup. It is a backup which taken by Cd or DVD copy. You may open these files with Daemon tools CD/DVD software. 

2- Warcraft 3 model: Warcraft is a multiplayer game and one of the this game files uses mdx extension. It includes game characters and objeccts. The game files list may be in this folder of your computer:   C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\War3x.mpq

You have chance to open these files and see the models and images by using Warcraft 3 Viewer program.When the file is opened, mdx files show up. You can convert these mdx files to obj format with Mdx converter software. In this case you may open them with any 3d program.

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