Mdl File

mdl filemdl is: Mdl extension stands for either 3D GameStudio Model or Half life model. These can be opened by A5 Studio or Milshape 3d softwares.

Mdl extension is used in different areas. It is abbreviation of model word:

1- 3D GameStudio Model:
This software is developed for creating effective games in short time. Also the  export plugins for various 3d softwares are offered with 3d Game Studio model.

2- Animation:Master 3D Model :
Animation Master is a 3D software that specially developed for creating human animations.

3- Half-Life Model File :
Half life keeps human models which are used in Conter Strike in this file with its modified new name. You may generate new mods by changing this file.

Mdl File format viewers or openers

A5 studio, Milkshape 3D, Animation Master

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