How to Open M3u File

m3u iconM3u extension is related to Media Mp3 Playlist file. You can open m3u files with Winamp or Media Player.

It is a list file which used for playing Mp3 or other kind of music files. You can not find any music in those files, there are just the name of mp3 files and the web pages. The file size is generally a few kilobytes.
To create m3u files with Winamp software firstly you should add all the files to Winamp list. Then click on File- Save option and save the list. If you are going to send it to your friends make sure that you send mp3 files with m3u.

For opening the file, you should press shift and right mouse button together and click open with option. Then you are able to see those on Note Pad. 

which software to open M3u file

Winamp, Media Player

Opening links for M3u file


How to open M3u messages.

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