Knight extension is associated with Knight Online files. You can try to open knight files with this game.

Most of the people want to cheat on Knight Online or Metin2 kind of games. Some of them can handle just getting exp point with some dupe or extra softwares but nothing more. On the other hand, it is pretty awful that a character which you tried to develop for months is banned by the managers. It may cause to leave the game. 

Taking EXP without working

To get exp automatically, there are softwares named KOXP for shooting kind of cheats. When you open the game, your character starts to shoot arrows with shortcut keys. You should be careful about trying these in front of the monsters. These are refreshed in time and when a game patches are released probably a new regulation will be made against them:

Modifying Game Files

For handling this operation the best way is making with HEX EDITOR however it requires expertise. You may reach the normal softwares from the following file list: 

KSC: If you need to display photos that you take on the game you should check for ksc extension from our extension list. 

TBL: It stands for Item file opener, in this case you may download FXeditor software free via internet. 

n3pmesh and n3cpart kind of other files  : The views of characters are found in this file. There is no point to break them. If you get any luck you may change the characters costume with green. 

To get detailed information, please check the following extensions from our extension list:







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