Jsp is an extension of Apple Java server Pages. It can be viewed by Dreamweaver.

1- Jsp is a Internet web page. If Internet Explorer gives error and changes the HTML extension to JSP.

If you know the type of the file that you try to download, just delete the JSP part and write the correct extension. But if you don`t have any idea about the type just change the extension and write HTM instead of the old one. Then you can make double click and read the internet explorer. 

2- If you get this page while you are downloading a zipped file, most probably the downloading software accidently saved error file instead of the file. When you change the extension to HTM you can easily see the error file. 

3- If we look from the viewpoint of programming, Jsp file formats are used for creating active pages like writing the informations from users (member registration,shopping list,etc.). 

The actual state of the file is in server computer and the users can only see the output. While creating the file generally softwares like Dreamweaver is used by the programmers. They open the files then make codes.

You can download Notepad or Java virtual machine for running those file formats.

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