doc iconJson extension is related to JavaScript Object Notation file. You can open these files with Json software.

These extensions stand for Javascript code files. You can open json files with Note Pad application. 

Json: The biggest problem of information exchange between different softwares and languages via internet is transferring variables and rows correctly. Json software was developed for the purpose of solving these kind of problems. It is highly comprehensive code system.


If you have a page that uses Ajaz with Php and need to process the informations from Php server with Javascript , you may use Json software. Because it makes you to transfer variables with php to javascript without ruining. 

Example json answer: 
{"dictionary": { "json": "json is a structure","tomatoes":"tomatoes is a vegetable"}}

Operations will be like this:

1- You identify variables in sequence with Php. Then you convert the sequence to single variable with the json library which is created for php. 

2- Send it with ajax.

3-Javascript opens the information with the proper Json library.  Then you use the sequence that you got.

You may find Json compilers from the Jsons web page. You should check the lower section of the site: www.json.org

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Json is available from any programming language

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