Ifo File Extension

ifo extensions iconsIfo extension is related to DVD-Video Disc information file. You can open ifo files with Windvd or Blaze DVD software.

These are the information files which found in Video DVD. It gives an information about beginning time of the movie or place of the audio files with DVD player device. 
You don`t have to open and use these ifo extension files.

If there are .vob or .vro kind of video files in DVD, these can be opened by DVD player. If you have only ifo file on your computer it doesnt work by itself. 

Vob files can be compressed by divx compression softwares. You may need to convert these files to avi format, in this case you can use AutoGordianKnot software. 

Besides you have chance to cut and combine vob files with VOB editor software.

What needed to Open Ifo file extensions.

WinDVD , Blaze DVD

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Ifo File Extension

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