doc iconIes is extension of IESNA Photometric File Data. It is a light distribution file that can be opened by 3dsmax and Maya.

These files are mostly used for 3D softwares and lighting accounts programmes. It involves the information about lighting distribution for each types of lamps. Not just for lamps, it is used for the other light sources like the sun. For getting realistic values you can use specially designed lights for this purpose like IES Sun.

It is used with many 3D programmes like 3Dsmax, Maya, Lightwave. With a view to finding those files you may check web sites of the lamp producers. You should take a look of the technical part of the pages. Generally it is sold as a archived cd. However they give ies files of the new types of lamps from their page. 

For example: For running 3Dxmax, you should pick a light source that is shaped as spot. Then you change the light parameters to WEB. This web word states IES files. Then you are going to see file picking box at the right bottom. In this part you juct call the ies file in there. 

We can offer you a software that opens many drawing files like DWG. It is called Drawviewer and there are many options to download it free.

If you are looking for a file that displays IES light sources, you should go for IES Viewer software. 

What to use ies

3dsmax, Maya, Autocad vb.

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