What is Gsm

what is gsm imageGsm stands for Global System Mobile audio file formats. These can be opened by QuickTime player software.

* It can be audio file:  These are audio file formats that developed for the purpose of using with cell phones. It is especially used for saving telephone calls.
These may be listened by Quciktime player. You have chance to get detailed information from the web page:

*It can be an ArchiCAD drawing file format: 

Archicad is an architectural 3D drawing software. Any kinds of architectural structure or environmental planning can be modelled with this software. 

*Also, it can be a modem audio file: 

It is an audio file that used with Us Robotics modems. These may be listened Linux Player.

*Finally, it can be Goldsim graphic file:

Goldsim is a dynamic simulation and visualization software. It can be used for creating financial, physical and organization systems. 
Gsm files may be viewed by Goldsim player. 

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What is Gsm

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