File_folder stands for explaining what is file or folder system. You have chance to open files and folders with operating systems.

FILE: These are the particals which generate the computer programs and include datas inside. These can be kept in Hard Disk or CD-ROM kind of devices.

Files make different operations depends on the extension. Some EXE extensions files are most important ones. On the other hand, the others stand for documents and texts. In this respect we can count Txt, Doc, Xls and Pdf. Some of the files are used with mp3 or the others can be used movies such as Avi files. However, all of these are information sets that consist of 0 and 1 numbers. 

FOLDER: These are the assistants which used for seperating and grouping the files.

Files and Folders are generally used with all operating systems such as Windows , Linux , Unix, DOS. 

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Windows , Linux , Unix, DOS , etc operating system

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