doc iconEnc extension stands for protected files. You may try Copysafe or Flash Player for opening these file formats.

These extensions may be used in 3 different areas:

1- CopySafe :

It is a protect file that prevents copying PDF files. The texts and images in PDF file can not be copied in normal ways. Besides, with this software you may take advantage of different features such as password protection, or print out protection. You may also determine usage time.

2- Coded file :
ENC: It is abbreviation of encoded word. These files are coded for protection by softwares lile Adobe Flasg or Ibm Lotus. In this case, users cant modify the files. 

You may need a software viewer for running these extensions. For example , Flash files and Flash player might work.

3- Electronic Navigation planning file :

It is a file that used for marine transportation and map system. You can get detailed information from its web page.

What to use enc

Copysafe or Flash player.

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