doc iconDcr extension is related to Kodak raw image file or Shockwave Media file. You can open dcr files with Photoshop or Shockwave Player.

There are two different areas thay use dcr extension: 

1-Kodak Raw Image File:
Generally it is a raw image file which saved with Kodak digital cameras. It is called raw because there is no editing process implemented on the images. It gives the images to users directly from the camera. 

Besides, there is no compression or light edit process on the images in this case the file size may be high. You can try to open dcr files with Photoshop or any other image viewer softwares. Also, you have chance to open these files with Acdsee software. 

2-Shockwave Media File:
It is a animation file which created for using via internet. It is saved in Shockwave format. There are similarities between Dcr and Swf files. However, swf files are created by Flash and dcr files are created by Adobe Director. Generally these are used for internet games and advanced applications. Director software was developed by Macromedia firm bu it was bought by Adobe in 2005. You can try to open dcr files with Shockwave player software.

What to use DCR

Photoshop, Acdsee, Shockwave player

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