doc iconDbx extension stands for Outlook Express E-mail or Visual FoxPro tables. These can be opened by Outlook express or Visual foxpro software.

There are two different softwares that use dbx extension: 

1- Outlook Express E-mail :
E mails that are taken by Outlook express kept in single file. This file generally may be like this: Inbox.dbx, SentItems.dbx or for the folders which you created may be like this : oldarchive.dbx

You can not interfere directly this file. However if you need to transfer the files between two computers it is just enough to copy it from the C:\Documents and Settings\kullanici\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder and put it the same place

To data transfer between two different email softwares you may use File-import / File export option. Also, you can use Dbxtract for repairing corrupted dbx files.

2- Visual FoxPro table :The information tables that are created by database software called Foxpro also take dbx extension. You may use Microsoft Foxpro or Access software to run these files.

What to use dbx

Outlook Express, Visual FoxPro

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