doc iconDb is extension of General purpose database. Those files can be opened by database editing software or Access.

DB: It is a shortcut of Database word. Databases are used for several purposes.

There are different options on internet to find a software which runs Database files. 

The softwares that are used DB extension:

1-Text Messages from Cell phones:

If you want to open the files that are come from your cell phone with sms.db extension you should use Sqlite Software. 

You should follow those steps:

*You will be able to get in a file with compatible software with these steps:

"/private/var/mobile/Library/SMS" you should copy this sms.db file on your computer.

* Then you should open sms.db file with SQlite software. 

* When the file starts to running you can transfer or edit it in Excel by clicking File- Export. 


2- Database Softwares

* Many database softwares use DB extension. Some of them are like this:

Paradox database, Progress database, Solid database, Oracle database, SQL Anywhere database, If you have one of those softwares you can try to open DB file. 

The following softwares also use DB extension: 

ansys :

arcview dBASE setting file 

Novell GroupWise address list


3- Windows Image File:

Windows puts a file named thumbs.db in folders that includes images. It provides little forms of all the images. It aims gaining time. 
If this "thumbs.db" file disturbs you or occupies a place on your system you have something to do. For canceling you should open any folder and pick the Tools- Folder options- display options on the top menu. Finally, you should select the "don`t cache small images" option.

What to use db

Database editing software or Access.

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