Csv extension is related to variables that seperated by commas. You have chance to open these files with Microsoft Excel.

Csv extension stands for Comma-Separated Variables . It is an output file which generally used with Microsoft Excel kind of database softwares.  Csv files can be opened by Excel, Access, Notepad or any other database software. Lately, some informations which found in internet are downloaded in csv form (Example: webmaster tools or google analytics) 
If you need a software which can open cvs file in tables you may download ExcelViewer software free via internet. 

You should follow these steps to open CSV files with Excel: 

1- Open Data option from the upper menu. 

2- Then pick Get external data- get data option. 

3- Select text file (csv) as a file tus.

4- Find csv file on your computer and click open. 

5-Pick restricted and tab from the first options. 

6- Click on end.

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