Chk extension is related to Windows CHKDISK files. Chk files can be opened by Windows CheckDisk.

If Windows is shut down suddenly by mistake, the files which are active in the meantime, can be corrupted. And the files which are not saved can be seen as a corrupted information on disk. When windows is opened again, CHKDISK scans and finds the corrupted files.

Finally it converts them to chk extension new files. 
CHK extension files which are found in C: driver can`t work because they are unfinished.
There is no harm to delete CHK files. If you need to use, you should change the file extension depends on what you want to open.  

For example, you think that it is a Word file, you should  write doc instead of chk. ( You may make right click on the file and pick the change the file name option) 

What to use chk

Windows CheckDisk

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