Cdr is a file extension of drawing file or Cd backup. It can be opened by various softwares.

This file extension is used by different types of softwares. 

You should know where did you get this file and for which purpose did you download to find out the correct software that can open those extensions. Then you may pick one of those following options. 

1- It can be a vectorial drawing file that is created by Corel Draw. You can use Irfan View to open the file. After it`s open via Irfan View you can click File-Save As options and convert the file to Jpg image.

2- It is less likely that those files might be Cd audio file. The files in the CD takes this kind of extension when they are transfered with using direct copy method. However most of music softwares can`t recognize those. You may try Media Player or Winamp to activation. 

3- Final Cut Pro : It is a software that is worked on Machintosh computers. The files that is created with this software can be saved as CD/DVD backup.

If its file size is large as a Cd file , you may try to open it with DAemon tools. 

What to use cdr

Corel Draw, Irfan View , Ahead Nero

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