Opening Bin File

opening bin iconBin - Backup file, possible created with CD-DVD software. It can be opened by Deamon Tools or Winrar.

Bin files can be used as CD-DVD back up file or a zipped file to use other processes. If the file is big as 500 MB, CD softwares can be used to open or you can use it as a inserted disc with the software named Deamon Tools without opening. When BIN file and the file which has “CUE” extension are in the same folder, the BIN file is definitely a CD backup.

Opening methods of Bin file

You can try the Deamon Tools to open CD back up files, Only one file and small size files can be worked with Winrar software.\\r\\n\\r\\nAlternative softwares: Power ISo, isobuster, Bin to iso

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Opening Bin File

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