doc iconApp extension stands for Mac OS X Application and Symbian OS Application. These can be opened by Foxpro software.

There are 3 different areas that use app extension: 

1- Mac OS X Application:

These files can be worked on OS-X operating system that used with Machintosh computers. You may think that it is kind of Exe file on Windows operating system. You can open app files by double clicking or you may make right click and select  "Show Package Contents" option. In this way, contents can be displayed.

2-FoxPro Application:
It is a system part that used for speeding up Foxpro database process. You may create files by selecting build app command in Foxpro. 

3-Symbian OS Application:
It may be a file that can be worked with symbian operation system which is used Nokia, Sony, Ericsson and Samsung cell phones. To open app files,it is enough to copy into cell phone.

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