Aif extension stands for either Symbian Application Information File or Audio Interchange File. These can be opened by Symbian AIF builder.

There are two different softwares that use aif extension: 
1- Audio File:

It is a CD quality audio file. Aif files are developed by Apple firm. However, the main source format is Iff files which created by Electronic Arts. 

Standard Cd audio files take Aiff extension. These files are saved with  44.100Hz and 16 stereo. You can listen aif extension files with Media Player or updated viewer software. 
To open aif extensions you may also try c_edit software. It can open and convert many audio files such as aif and mp3. 

2- Symbian File: It includes icon and title informations of app extension application files which used with Symbian operating system. Generally it can be created by AIF Builder software. 

You don`t need to open this file directly. When you install on your mobile phone, symbian system use the file automatically.

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Symbian AIF builder

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